Victory: Martin Parnell

January 6, 2011

Anyone with a real zeal for sports, at least in North America, must find something interesting in self-flagellation.  It may be engaging or inevitable or hilarious to you, but the physical exertion becomes unpleasant (or resembles unpleasant sensation, at least) at times, and is still continued in the pursuit of something.  It is in both the celebration of other people’s hilarious eagerness to cause themselves pain and in celebration of the pursuit of something that I need to draw your attention to one Martin Parnell.

Mr. Parnell is a Canadian of unverifiable sanity but verifiable tenacity, who ran 250 marathons in 2010.  Even if you’ve never run for  half an hour you can take delight in the idea of some lunatic running pretty much all day every for a year.  He did it for Right to Play.  He raised 200k!  What a beast!  Further bonus points to Mr. Parnell for rhyming historically with Terry Fox, and segueing to the following links:

Why not play a 24 hour hockey game?  They’re all the rage these days . . .