OK Jose

April 6, 2012

OK Jose

A new song for the Jays 2012 season.



Newsflash: Hank Williams Jr. sucks.

October 4, 2011

‘If the South woulda won, we woulda had it made’ is a Hank Williams Jr. penned line from one of his dreadful songs.  This line sparked a little-publicized call for his terrible Monday Night Football theme song to be pulled, on grounds that it implied regret at the loss of the institution of slavery.  This happened, or at least I heard of it through NPR, a year or two ago, but I can’t find it now, so it may have fallen into the memory hole.  Now a new race-related controversy has caused ESPN to yank the song, after Williams compared Obama to Hitler on some kind of news talk show, only involving Hank Williams Jr.

The subsequent howls of free speech violation from the fringe will not sway ESPN in exercising its own free speech by dumping the song, just as the earlier call did not sway them in exercising it to continue to write royalty checks to someone they perceived as helping their brand.  The howls are also not quite convincing me one hundred percent for sure that something happened.  Like the Avery-Goddard gay marriage non-story, Hank Williams Jr saying something ignorant is far less unbelievable to me than the huge number of people who have not realized that Hank Williams Jr’s MNF theme song is bad.  ‘There’s no accounting for taste’ is of course only partially true, and it is sportsvssports’ official position that Hank Williams Jr fans mostly eat things called stuff like ‘Ho-Hos,’ and cheeze instead of cheese, and don’t read this blog.

Comment on something happening, specifically the Red Sox not retaining ‘Tito’ Francona, will come later this week.