Chris’s Christmas wishes:

December 24, 2010

By way of introduction, and in order to be as upfront as possible about my biases, I present for your perusal my personal wish-list of sports related items I would like to discover on Christmas morning.

1.       An acknowledgement by the NHL and NHLPA not just that ‘the code’ is real, but that it has historically served a purpose, but that video replay provides an opportunity for an alternate system of dispensing justice. I would like furthermore for both sides to commit to exploring such a system in a meaningful way.

2.       An ESPN channel devoted to competitive pursuits practiced at the college level, but previously considered ‘not real sports.’  My suggestions for prime time live events would be NCAA student politics, NCAA lying convincingly about having scored with that girl from lab, and NCAA dentistry.

3.       Another crack at starting a ‘Cito!  Cito!’ chant at the man’s last game as manager.  What a class act.  Between Cito and Halladay, we had it better than we realized.

4.       Baseball cards.

5.       A pickup street hockey game in my hood I can realistically participate in.  The adults here play early on Sunday, as if Saturday night didn’t exist.  Their children think I’m weird when I ask to play with them.

6.       40 more basketball courts in this and every other large city.  I know some parents don’t want their kids always hanging out at the courts, and basketball is not a substitute for a community, but it’s not society’s responsibility to make them do their homework.  It is a society’s responsibility to provide a place for children to recreate other than staircases and alleys.

7.       Less twitter.

8.       A gentlemen’s (and gentlewomen’s) agreement to resume calling the guy ‘Chad Johnson.’