OK Jose

April 6, 2012

OK Jose

A new song for the Jays 2012 season.



A Tissue for Joe Girardi

August 10, 2011

I am the man dressed in white stealing signs.


In light of recent allegations published and recycled recently, I have decided to come clean and admit that I, your faithful sportsvssports author, am the person who has been stealing signs and relaying them to Blue Jays batters.  When it started, it was just Jose.  I couldn’t help Vernon, because he owed me a ten spot and kept ducking me.  Eventually, I hooked it up with Adam Lind, helping him raise his average above .220.  This year, I’ve been helping Eric Thames, and Yunel, and recently Edwin, but still not Hill.  The Verlander game I was just busy.  I’m not gonna tell everyone what I was doing, I just wasn’t there.  That’s all you need to know.  And I don’t use a Bluetooth.  I just have really good eyesight.  But, since everyone’s so exited, I’ll stop now.  Sheesh.