Name Suggestions for the new Winnipeg NHL Team

I Told You So!


With the inevitable announcement that the Atlanta Thrashers have been purchased by True North Holdings, Canada is finally ‘getting back’ an NHL team.  True North Holdings is backed by David Thomson, who became a billionaire by inventing business news.  It is interesting to note that the Joe Johnson trade which brought the Atlanta ownership group’s conflicts to a head may not have had any more to do with the initial rift than disagreement over the hockey team.  The former governor of the ownership group Atlanta Spirit LLC Steven Belkin seems to have felt that the Thrashers made Philips Arena more profitable, whereas new governor Michael Gearon Jr. will bet on filling the vacated arena dates with monster trucks and concerts.  If you’re keeping score at home, it appears that Belkin was totally wrong about both the Thrashers and Joe Johnson.

Anyway, Gary Bettman will presumably be announcing his resignation over the weekend, having proven himself incompetent by repeating history.  The next big announcement will be the old team’s new name.  Below are humbly offered my dozen sincerest suggestions.

  • Winnipeg Flames
  • Winnipeg Coyotes
  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Winnipeg Roughriders
  • Winnipeg Whole Wheat (trademark WWW)
  • Winnipeg Exchange
  • Manitoba Movers
  • Winnipeg Carpetbaggers
  • Winnipeg Ha-Ha Nyah-Nyah Quebec City’s
  • Manitoba Moose
  • Manitoba Roughriders
  • Winnipeg Leaves

2 Responses to Name Suggestions for the new Winnipeg NHL Team

  1. Mike von Bulow says:

    How come nobody suggested the Manitoba Winds. Seems appropriate given it is called the windy city.

    • C B says:

      I like it: you design an ‘M’ and a ‘W’ overlapping in some kind of wind-suggestive logo.
      I have two devil’s advocate objections though. First, I see a lot of headlines about ‘Breaking Winds’ on sports pages, and second I think Chicago would dispute the nickname.

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