A report from the time machine . . .

Sports vs sports is pleased to summarize the key movements in this 2010 MLB offseason free-agent market.  Below are the best free agents of the year, less Victor Martinez, who has already signed with the Tigers.

Cliff Lee – YANKEES

125 over 5.  The wisdom of stockpiling aces could not have been made clearer than it was by the past season’s playoffs.

Carl Crawford – BRAVES

Tampa appeared, or claimed, to be in the bidding, but the Yankees and Angels were the teams which stayed in the longest as the total climbed.  The Braves want to be contenders next season, and a boost at the top of the order to go with Heyward has them crowing despite the cost.

Jayson Werth – RED SOX

The BoSox need to add a power bat, and this signing will provide it without being overly threatening to Papi.  The Yankees know a lack of power was not their problem, so the Angels went next hardest after Werth, once Crawford had signed.

Adam Dunn – CUBS

He was the only replacement available for Derrick Lee, and the Cubs had the resources.  If they hadn’t acquired Dunn or another big bat, they could not have hoped to compete in their division in 2011.

Adian Beltre – WHO CARES

He immediately turns out to be washed up.  Or so we’ll think!  That contract year 2014 though, whew!  He’ll be awesome!  For the record the Angels get stuck with him.

Derek Jeter – YANKEES

The whole Derek Jeter story is boring.   Rational people don’t care how much he gets.  Jeter: You’re the only cool Yankee, but what team wanted a middle infielder with obviously declining skills for megastar bucks?  Yanks:  Who was gonna play SS?  ARod?  Ramiro Pena?


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